2014 Big Bang +α Concert in Seoul (Eng Subs)


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*The sound is slightly out of sync with the video in part 1 and the encore of the concert, I tried several times to get them to work but they are being too stubborn. Sorry >.<


The Luxe Fancast

Poppy Corby-Tuech as Penelope Hayes

It’s the craziest thing, but I cannot stop thinking about you. :)

"Just for a minute ♥
Diana Holland: What do you want?
Henry Schoonmaker: To be with you. Just for a minute. ♥"
Henry Schoonmaker, The luxe (via beautyinred)
"You love her,” Teddy observed quietly.
Henry replied with an uncharacteristic lack of irony: “Yes.”
Teddy’s eyes shifted to the plaster interlacing that decorated the ceiling in curlicues. “Lord, you never make anything easy, do you.”
‘Rumors’ by Anna Godbersen (via beautyinred)

All men are insignificant compared to Henry Schoonmaker ♥.